The Blueprint for Collaborative Innovation

A simple, visual approach for articulating the collaborative innovation practice, first formalized by Doug Collins. The blueprint helps people map their goals to the collaborative space they create to the campaigns they lead in a clear, succinct way. Practice leaders can use the blueprint to capture their vision and share their perspective.

Increase operating margins by 3% by reducing customer churn by 12%.
By serving our premium client segment more effectively.
By increasing first call resolution by 30%. By uncovering unmet needs.
Maximizing time spent with the client. Maximizing cross training amongst front line associates.
Give your practice meaning: tie your work to the organization's business intent
How might we maximize the number of calls from our premium clients the first time that they contact us?
Relationship Managers, Crowdsourcing, World Café, Front Line Associates
What new service, were you to provide it, would provide you with the greatest value?
Reporting Analysts, Crowdsourcing, Fall Advisory Board Meeting, Executive Advisory Board
Think holistically about where to pursue your practice, both in the near term and for the long term
1 August/Paris September/Global

2 September/Advisor Virtual/Global
Board Council
1 October/Paris Lean Integration

2 January/Advisory Design Thinking Integration
Board Council
Practice makes perfect: continually refine front- and back-end processes