Mind Map of the Story of the Dirty Maple Flooring Company

Doug Collins - Friday, October 18, 2013
As we entered fall this year I decided to try changing gears in how I approached my column in Innovation Management

Previously, I had reserved the space to observational and prescriptive articles on insights and practices, respectively, on how one might pursue the practice of collaborative innovation. I based these articles on my experiences in the field with clients with whom I happened to be engaged with at the time. From work comes learning, and I have been fortunate to be in a position where I could learn a lot from them. 

More recently I have pursued the narrative, telling the tale of the fictional Dirty Maple Flooring Company through the eyes of the protagonist Charlie Bangbang, who heads strategic planning, as that organization wrestles with applying collaborative innovation to help it survive -- and, fingers crossed, thrive -- in the increasingly global, fast-moving Digital Age. 

Please find below a link to an interactive mind map, created with Mind Manager, that depicts the various elements of the story as it emerges. You will need a Flash-enabled web browser to view and manipulate the map, which is in Adobe's SWF format. I find this mapping useful as a means of keeping this serialized story straight in my own head as time passes. Mind Map of the Dirty Maple Flooring Company Story        
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