Enjoyed speaking at Spigit Ignite 2018

Very much enjoyed speaking at and participating in the Ignite 2018 user conference hosted by Spigit in San Francisco. 

I am reminded anew, with each year that I attend Ignite, that one of the most important distinction between clients is experience: Where are they on the learning curve? 

It's easy to forget what it feels like for a new client to be confronted with the critical questions that arise when they're first getting started. That knowledge transfer with the more experience people -- and the confidence it instills  -- was incredibly valuable to the newer clients and prospects. I observed the newer clients taking page upon page of notes as their more experienced counterparts presented or as they had one-on-one dialogue with them during the breaks. Their attentiveness spoke to the quality of the presenters. 

A couple of the more experienced clients observed to me that they, too, enjoyed having the opportunity to share their experiences with the newer people -- an opportunity to give back. 


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