Enjoyed speaking at Product Camp Cincinnati 2015


Last Saturday I presented at Product Camp Cincinnati. Product Camp Cincinnati, an offshoot of the local PDMA, attracts people who touch the product development process for their firms: product managers, market researchers, UX designers, and innovation consultancies.

Two hundred people attended from companies big and small -- from employees of the Procter & Gamble Company to one-person start-ups. Eight out of ten (my guess) worked on digital products, the rest on the tangible equivalents (e.g., discrete manufacturing, chemicals, agronomy).

I made a collaborative innovation exercise a central part of my talk. People value the hands-on. My materials can be found here.

The picture from the session shows participants heads down, contributing ideas. I have my head down, calling out the names of the leaders. Payroll software firm Paycor hosted the day at their beautiful new facility. 


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