ASQ Dayton: "Enabling a Culture of Quality through a Culture of Inquiry" on March 21


Very much look forward to engaging the ASQ Dayton on, "Enabling a Culture of Quality through a Culture of Inquiry," on March 21, 2017. 



In the practice of Lean, we seek to identify True North to focus our efforts on removing the waste 
that stands between us and our customer. In the practice of Six Sigma, we start by defining the 
problem. What problem, were we to resolve it together, might lead to authentic breakthroughs 
for the organization?

Yet, many people in many organizations wrestle mightily with identifying True North or articulating 
the problem worth solving.

In this session, Doug Collins facilitates dialogue and a group exercise in problem definition. The 
group, together, explores the art and the science of defining the critical question that might advance 
the quality practice in meaningful ways.

Participants receive a copy of Doug’s latest book on this topic, Great Question! Generating Effective 
Questions for Successful Outcomes.


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