Doug Collins

Doug Collins serves as an innovation management consultant. He engages organizations such as The Estee Lauder Companies, Fidelity Investments, Intel Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, and The Procter & Gamble Company in navigating the fuzzy front end of innovation. 

Doug develops approaches, creates forums, and structures engagements whereby people can convene to explore the critical questions facing the enterprise. He helps people assign economic value to the ideas and to the collaboration that result. 

As an author, Doug explores ways in which people can apply the practice of collaborative innovation in his series Innovation Architecture: A New Blueprint for Engaging People through Collaborative Innovation. 

His bi-weekly column appears in the publication Innovation Management. Doug serves on the board of advisors for Frost & Sullivan’s Global community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL). 

Doug works as a managing consultant at Sopheon, an innovation management software company . He focuses on helping clients realize their potential for leadership by pursuing and perfecting their practice of collaborative innovation. 

Doug and his family live in Cincinnati, Ohio.